Zaim Bakar

Is a web developer from Kuala Lumpur. He writes about technology, programming, movies, music and more.

Zaim Bakar Bio

I was asked recently to write a bio of myself for a job. Here's what I came up with.

The "140 words" concept shamelessly copied from Alexis Ohanian's about page.

In 140 characters

Multi-disciplined developer/designer specializing in the www. Wants to use code to better the world by making & sharing innovative software.

In 140 words

After graduating from APIIT in 2004, Zaim co-founded an IT solutions company, DTEC (Devest Technology Sdn Bhd).

There, he worked within multiple disciplines and roles – from graphic design to software delopment, as a programmer to lead engineer. It was there, in a small startup in Klang, that he learned to appreciate the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none, certainly better than a master of one.”

In 2010, this Jack decided to go freelance and become somewhat master of the World (Wide Web). He worked on an assortment of jobs online, and on his own menagerie of personal web app projects.

Along the way, he has worked on and contributed to many Free / Open Source software.

With his experience, and his love of programming, he aims to build things (through code) that can affect change in the world.